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How do you prevent cross contamination

Our cleaning service modus operandi is structured around a colour coded system. Each area has it's own colour, i.e. bathroom (red), kitchen (green). Only matching cleaning cloths can be used in each area. Upon conclusion of cleaning an area, used cloths are collected, bagged and removed before being professionaly laundered. Our cloths are new microfibre and we use them with high grade cleaning products such is our status as reputable and reliable cleaners in North Yorkshire.

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Do you need keys

You can carry them with you, use a key safe, or leave them with us as you prefer. Whatever you decide, please let us know forthwith.

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Do you have insurance?

Rural Cleans Yorkshire Ltd, staff and sub-contractors have current full Public Liability insurance.

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Will i get the same cleaner?

We will send you the same cleaners on every occasion. This may change due to cover and public holidays otherwise we guarantee staff / service continuity.

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 My last  cleaner would leave early

Only when contracted work has been finished. Your cleaner must always log in to our App upon entering your property and log out when leaving so we know and you know exactly what you are paying for.

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I need to cancel my clean

If you need to modify or cancel a confirmed appointment up to 24 hours beforehand, we will reschedule or agree to cancel at no extra cost. If you cancel 24 hours beforehand, no refunds apply.

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How do i pay?

We accept payments by direct debit, bank transfer, and standing order. Direct debits go out on the first day of the month. Commercial cleans / holiday lets are invoiced monthly. Cash payments not accepted.

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It seems a bit expensive for a cleaner

Cheaper commercial cleaning companies claim to offer the same service standards as ourselves but in reality they do not, that is why you are here browsing our cleaning membership plans. Our industry has long since been looked down upon as being low paid for good reason. However, deep cleaning commercial premises and holiday home cleaning requires very specific skills. As we continue to face the daily challenges of Covid-19, clients new and old are reaching out to us for specialist hygiene services to keep businesses running and profitable. We deliver optimal PPE at competitive prices and invest in regular staff training to ensure a better and safe quality of life.

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